March 25, 2022, 12:30am

After a very long and trying 30+ hours, I finally heard my baby's cry from across the room. I was laid out on a table like a stuffed turkey; arms outstretched, legs too numb to feel but were probably spread, belly cut open, shaking so badly I kept biting my tongue and could hardly speak. I truly wish someone would have taken a photo at that moment, because I would have loved to look back on it from another perspective.

Finn is my third child, third son, but first C-section. It easily took a full 8 weeks to feel recovered, so I am incredibly grateful I've been able to stay home with him so far. Especially in this age of COVID, it brings me a ton of peace of mind to know that his exposure to germs can be limited during his earliest weeks of life.

I'm excited to be feeling better and am using the rest of my time at home to be with him and my other boys, and to do all the things around the house and with this business that I've been wanting to get to! (Well, as many as I can at least.)

Finn is now just about 10 weeks old, and we fall more and more in love with him every day.