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  • Athlete's_foot

    My husband came to me two days ago complaining about athlete’s foot. The skin between his toes was very red, splitting and just generally gross. I didn’t have my book handy but told him to try Mel A (antifungal) and Melrose (good for any kind of skin issue). The next day I asked him if he was going to re-apply and he shrugged his shoulders. I told him if those two weren’t working we could try something different and he said, “actually, it’s completely healed up – I’m amazed!” I made him put it on again for good measure but sweeeeet – no more athlete’s foot!

    - Goodbye Athlete’s Foot
  • Moral of this story is “Some Thieves on a sliver/splinter and it will make you as happy as popping a zit.”
    (Editor’s comment: I think touching was autocorrected to roughing but you can the point.)


    - Thieves makes splinters history
  • lipbalm

    White Angelica. Oh my goodness… I am in LOVE! This oil knocked me out cold last night and I finally got a good nights sleep. (so did my dog. Ha! Diffused it in my room!) I had a friend tell me once that diffusing lavender made her feel like she had a glass of wine. None of the oils ever had that effect on me.. till white angelica! Smells amazing, so calming, so relaxing. I felt like I was melting into my bed. I am sold! Thankfully haven’t needed anything lately for anxiety. But think this will work as good if not better than Valor. If you have missed valor and it helps you with sleep and anxiety. I highly recommend replacing with White Angelica. If not choosing it over Valor. Valor never had a glass of wine chill response from me. But White Angelica really has. This is probably my favorite oil to date! LOVE IT!

    - Sample testimonial

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